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Enhance your digital projects with carefully crafted modern icons, feeling the honest-to-goodness perfection with Epicons Premium!

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Let's violate "The Principle of Stationary Action" (see Euler-Lagrange Equation)


Why Epicons?

Embracing Geometry & Harmony

There is an interplay between geometry and organic looking in Epicons. It consists of neither stiff nor purely childish shapes

Well Organized & Categorized

With 15 categories, different file formats and Figma components; Epicons allows you to work smoothly and keep everything neat

Thorough Study On Size

Icon size, spacing, stroke witdh or simply every detail were calculated in depth to provide a seamless experience for both mobile and web


Freq. Asked Questions

Can I use Epicons for print products?
Although this set was aimed to strengthen modern user interfaces via clean & sharp icons, there is no licensing issue or practical reason for you not to use them on your print products.

More succinctly, you can use Epicons Premium everywhere you wish :)
Is is permitted to use Epicons Premium for multiple projects?
Not only is it allowed, but also substantially feasible for a myriad of projects considering it consists of variants for all the "key icons" you might use in different projects.

To be concise, for sure :)
Is this set available for commercial projects?
That would have been totally nonsense if it hadn't been for commercials. In some cases, you can even modify if you prefer. So, enjoy and good luck with your great projects.

The only notable warning is that you can not redistribute the icons by any means.
How does licensing work, is it unlimited?
Exactly, there is no expiry date for Epicon Premium licences. Once you buy a license, the icons are entirely free to use forever.
I need another style apart from line and solid
The fact that we currently have 2 styles should not imply we will not add 3rd or even 4th style within our upcoming updates. Hopefully, we will add, indeed.

If you earnestly want us to create other styles (duotone etc.) please let us know:

I need custom icon/illustration set for an astounding project of mine
We are glad to hear this. You can reach us via e-mail for unique custom icon/illustration needs.

Say hello:
How can I violate The Principle of Stationary Action
Sorry, you can't.

For those who can not relate a physical phenomena with an icon set; we can't, too.

Anyways, If you wish to learn what the heck it is, you may consider googling Euler-Lagrange Equations


Choose the package that suits you best and start using Epicons, now!

Free Trial

Ideal package if you want to dig deep for how Epicons work or just keen to check the suitability before actually purchasing the set
  • 250 Icons
  • 2 Styles (Line & Solid)
  • SVG, PNG, Figma, Iconjar
  • Figma Component Library
  • No Update
Download  ↓


"Economy Class Set" with only one style but with the abundance of icons included. All your line icon needs are supplied in one set
  • 1000+ Icons
  • 1 Style (Line)
  • SVG, PNG, Figma, Iconjar
  • Figma Component Library
  • Always Up To Date
$ 24


"No Thriftiness Set" with all the icons provided in Epicons Premium. Access both line and solid versions along with the future updates
  • 2000+ Icons
  • 2 Styles (Line & Solid)
  • SVG, PNG, Figma, Iconjar
  • Figma Component Library
  • Always Up To Date
$ 40


In case you wonder who have designed this spectacular set of icons
Ümit Can Evleksiz
Design Enthusiast, Maths Geek
Eren Türkmen
Fond of Clean & Modern Interfaces
Epicons - 2000+ pixel perfect icons for modern interfaces | Product Hunt